Friday, July 20, 2012


Moses lead them out of Egypt.  It didn't happen overnight.  Without doing any research I remember that it took some time before the Hebrews got to that Mountain where God held his Presence and gave Moses the Commandments. Along the way some lessons were learned, and it's obvious to me that the children of Israel should have understood the reality of a living God long before Moses started going up to the Mountain and coming back with that glow on his face.

Yet when their leader went up the mountain to hear from God, and didn't come back right away, the Hebrews became anxious.  They began to doubt the realities they had seen with their own eyes.  They forgot where they had come from.

So they made Idols out of wood and gold.

And that's me.  That is exactly what I do when I am worried, disappointed and discouraged.  I build an idol and loose myself in the frenzy.  I tune out God, stop listening for the Holy Spirit, and tune into something else entirely.

Sometimes I do better.  I Press In.  That means I read the Bible, purposefully work to find comfort and reassurance in the Living Word, I pray and pour out my heart, or pray for others in harder situations than my own.  That means I worship.  I only listen to worship music.  I listen to it loud and sing out loud holding onto the words like a life line.

But that is a rare sometimes.

I don't understand why it is so easy for me to give up.  I don't understand why I use it as an excuse.  I don't understand why I continually allow myself to be spiritually lazy.

How do you handle disappointment, discouragement, and worry?