Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No room on the bench.

I go to a church that has no room for people who just want to sit through a little music and a nice sermon.  I go to a church where it's not enough to drop spare change into the collection basket,  say a silent prayer no one but God will ever know about.

I go to a church were the Spirit of God is constantly pushing, reaching, seeking, calling, and singing in my ear.  Where the pastors constantly challenge, encourage, and pester the members.

It's not a comfortable place.

Should it be?

I can get away with my half-ways and half measures, if I work very hard.  But it is almost easier just to give in to the constant nagging and leave the "old flesh" behind and walk "in the light."

Without the weekly pressure from this particular "family of God" I would just do my own happy thing.  Read what i want. Write what I want, think, feel, do what I want.  None of which is particularly evil.   Oh, I could rhapsodize on how the easy life I envision isn't evil.

But the easy life I would choose for myself has nothing to do with following God or glorifying God, or knowing God.  It has nothing to do with Christianity.

There has only been one choice.  Follow God with my whole heart.  Or Not follow God with my whole heart.

No middle.

Cause, Jesus didn't half way die on the cross, or half way suffer for my sins.  Jesus didn't live a life half-way for God, still taking time for all his relationships and crafts, and book reading and shopping for new sandals and robes or a better table making tool.  I can't remember a time Jesus only said a silent prayer and walked away from a crippled man.  If he chose to heal a person He did so completely.  When He forgave sin, He forgave all sin.  When gave a promise, He kept it.  All of it.  Even the unbelievable parts.

So, it has got to be all.

Less of me, Lord. More of you.